Top-notch smoking paraphernalia elevates a smoker’s experience. These accessories are high-quality and stylish, with a touch of whimsy.

Old Pal’s groovy aesthetic and lifestyle brand challenges stigmas with fashion-focused rolling papers and stylish accessories. The AAPI woman-owned company has an array of sexy options, including the Vintage Roses rolling paper kit and Do Your Part ashtray.

1. Frankie Smoke 1-hitter

A high-quality, stylish take on a smoking accessory, this Frankie Smoke 1-hitter offers both convenience and a luxe aesthetic. Its impeccable construction and unique features make it a top-notch choice for smokers of all experience levels.

Aside from their discreet size, one hitters have the added benefit of producing less odor than other methods of smoking. This can be especially helpful for smokers concerned with discretion and hygiene.

The borosilicate glass insert (or bowl piece) of this one-hitter offers a smooth smoke for such a small device, while the outer precious-metal case filters ash but allows smoke to pass through. For optimal performance, clean this pocket-sized piece regularly using the included cleaning kit, which includes pipe cleaner brushes and 99% isopropyl alcohol wipes. This will prevent any build-up of goopy residue and ensure that your one-hitter delivers a smooth and flavorful hit.

2. Capsule Station bundle

This bundle features a Lined Rocketbook Core and Capsule folio cover — it’s like bread and butter or chocolate and strawberries. This futuristic reusable notebook pairs perfectly with Pilot’s Frixion pens, which adhere to Core pages like magic and erase with a drop of water.

For those not in the know, capsule toys are elaborate miniature figures sold at specialty stores in Japan. Each series contains a handful of different toys, and people enjoy collecting them to complete a set.

Our Capsule Station bong is a beautiful example of this model, with modular parts that come apart for easy cleaning and a large handle for turning.

4. Path Pipe

If you’re prone to dropping your hand pipe or want something more durable for travel, the Path Pipe is a great option. This modern minimalist pipe is made of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It has a sliding cover that lets you pack your bowl and bring it with you securely on-the-go. When closed, it seals the bowl and smoke chamber, containing odors. It also has a built in poker tool that can clear clogged bowls easily.

One of the things that makes the Path Pipe unique is its clever maze-like structure that cools smoke as it passes from the bowl to your lungs. It also looks very sleek, so you can keep your smoking gear hidden from prying eyes.

5. StashLight

When you’re on the go and don’t want to carry a full pipe, this handy stash tube will fit your favorite preroll and doubles as a light. It’s odor-proof and refillable, so you can use your preferred lighter fluid and ditch those plastic lighters that end up in landfills or someone else’s pockets.

It’s easy to use this pocket-size gadget, just pull out the lighter unit from the bottom of the body and saturate the cotton ball with standards lighter fluid (3-5 drops is enough). Once saturated, insert the lighter unit back into the housing and flick the flint wheel to ignite your weed. This is another great option from Smoke Honest that follows their simple-yet-elegant aesthetic. Check out the Roller’s Bundle to get a StashLight and a walnut rolling tray for an elevated experience.